We take children from 2 yrs old and this age group will start their Shurdington Pre- School experience in the Caterpillar group. A 1:4 ratio operates in this group. Children will be strengthening their foundations: developing their physical skills and mobility and beginning to use more verbal communication in their interactions.

The Caterpillars will use the outdoors for most of their session, regardless of the weather and will be able to use all of their senses in discovering the range of rich and natural resources available to them.

Since our expansion,the Caterpillar room and garden offer vast resources for these early play experiences: a home corner, a large climb in sandpit, lots of ride on toys, large scale mark making opportunities, small world play in ‘Shurdington Shire’ a completely natural minature land for children to play, explore, imagine and create. All children should arrive at Shurdington Pre-School ready for a full day of play: See Our Dress Code


For their ‘Pre-School year’ or for children already over 3 yrs old they will become part of the Butterfly group. a 1:8 ratio operates for this group though at Shurdington Pre-School we are usually one adult over ratio. Our priority is offering a high quality learning experience for all children in their Early Years.

In the Butterfly group, children will build and revisit their early experiences and begin to link them together in developing a higher level of critical thought and engagement in their play. Independence in their abilities is encouraged as they take part in preparing their snacks, accessing resources and contributing to daily life at Shurdington Pre-School with their ideas, companionship and achievements. The Butterflies also have access to a brilliant outdoor garden, with the key feature of our Mud Kitchen, a firm favourite with all the children!

Older children in this group will be able to experience the Shurdington Pre-School Progression Programme as they prepare to take flight up to big school. This sees them ‘practice’ all the experiences they’ll build upon in their reception year, such as P.E Sessions, Hot school lunches and visits up to Shurdington Primary School   www.shurdingtonprimary.ik.org/home.ikml and a little more structure to their circle time and registration.

In each group and for all children, we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) : The statutory framework that starts at birth and finishes at the end of your child’s reception year. We plan specfically for your child, recognising that each child is unique. We use a Document called Development Matters to help us track your child’s journey and ensure that our provision is helping them progress. This Document is available via this link. http://http://www.foundationyears.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Development-Matters-FINAL-PRINT-AMENDED.pdf. More information is also available via the Department of Education  website on www.education.gov.uk/a0068102/earlyyears-foundation-stage-eyfs. This will all become clearer as we develop our Parent Partnership as your child settles into Shurdington Pre-School.