At Shurdington Pre-School in Cheltenham we believe that all children are unique and all children make sense of the world around them in their own way.

There are similarities in some aspects of play, of mastering a skill or in developing social understanding but each child will achieve this at their own pace, based on their own interests, ideas, preferences and previous experiences.

We cater for a wide age range in our Caterpillar Group and in our Butterfly Group and pride ourselves on ensuring that our Early Years provision is tailor made to each and every child. Our Day Care Sessions are created around the children attending to ensure they have high quality play and learning experiences.

We do this through the Shurdington Pre-School Key Person system – planning activities and our environment specfic to each child’s interests or needs and creating your child’s individual Journey Book of their Early Years experiences.  In addition, our invaluable Parent Rota System means that parents and the Pre-School Team work closely together to ensure an holistic approach to provision.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage: The statutory framework that starts at birth and finishes at the end of your child’s reception year. We use a Document called Development Matters to help us track your child’s journey and ensure that our provision is helping them progress. This Document is available via this link:Development-Matters

There is also a helpful parent’s guide here More information is also available via the Department of Education website

Child Development is a journey – not a race.  At Shurdington Pre-School, we would love to be part of your child’s exciting Early Years journey.  To visit our setting, or for more details, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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