The safety of your child is paramount at Shurdington Pre-School and we utilise a range of measures, including safer recruitment, common sense risk assessment, high adult to child ratios and safeguarding to ensure that your child is safe at all times, both in and out of the Early Years setting of Shurdington Pre-School

We utilise our wider environment as much as possible and broaden the children’s experiences to the park, the church, the working farm and walks around the village of Shurdington, Cheltenham. In all these instances a higher adult to child ratio is employed and we assist the children in recognising how to keep themselves safe when out and about.

Naomi is the Designated Child Protection Officer and Morven is the Deputy Designated Child Protection Officer. All staff attend Child Protection Training every 3 yrs. Within the committee we also have a Safeguarding Champion, currently Rachel Miles who is the parents voice for any safeguarding issues or concerns that parents might have. We believe in complete transparency wioth regards to protecting children and all adults have a duty to protect all children. If you have a concern regarding the safety of any child you can speak to any of the adults detailed here or contact Gloucestershire Safeguarding Children Board

You can also find further details of how Shurdington Pre-School strives to keep children safe in our Policies and Procedures.