Shurdington Pre-School fees are currently charged at £4.00 per hour. For a full-time child (attending 29.5 hours per week) this equates to £118.00 per week.  However, this is typically reduced for children receiving 15 hrs Free Nursery Education Funding or Free for 3 or 4 funding (30 hours free). Please be aware that after no fee increase for several years, the Committee will be increasing our hourly rate in September 2019, to £4.50 per hour in order to assist Shurdington Pre-School in meeting it’s rising costs. Fees will be reviewed annually.

Shurdington Pre-School is a registered charity and we strive to provide high quality Early Years Childcare at reasonable prices, relying very much on community support and fundraising.

For further information on 15 hours per week free funding follow these links: For children on the Free for 3 & 4 funding…/Free-early-Learning-for-3-and-4-year-olds  or Achieving 2 year olds funding

Pre-School fees are due for payment as the start of each half term and we aim to send invoices home with children in the last week of the previous term. Amounts due will vary depending on sessions chosen.

Parents or guardians of children who are eligible for Funding, (see links above) will need to complete the appropriate forms each term. Shurdington Pre-School will notify parents and guardians when appropriate.

Full fees will still be payable if children are absent from Pre-School due to holidays or sickness.

Assistance with payment plans is available for families in genuine financial hardship.  Please contact Tess to discuss this in more detail if it is needed.