Getting to grips with technology is something that children find easy … easier than us adults most of the time!

We have a range of ICT resources at Shurdington Pre-School that we use in the Butterflies and we follow our ICT Policy when children access the internet and the computer, ensuring they are safe. We keep sessions at the computer to just ten minutes, recognising that lengthy screen time isn’t benifical to the under fives.

There are a wide range of  websites that offer fun and educational activities for children. Here are a couple that we reccommend:

Don’t forget to keep us informed of their progress in learning a new skill with a Magic Moment from home!

When using the computer with your child at home: try to encourage them to develop their skills on the mouse rather than the touchpad. Once they have this skill they can access a wider range of  computer content. Prior to letting your child access the computer/smart phone and/or  the internet, please ensure that you have parental controls and restrictions firmly in place to protect your child. You can do this via the settings panel. For further information on keeping your child safe online take a look at these links:

Good To Know Family Safety   and   Think You Know for Parents

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