Remember making mud pies as a child?? Mud Play is an essential ingrediant at Shurdington Pre-School and our TWO Mud Kitchens (one in each garden) are very popular with the children.

Children at Shurdington Pre-School will come home messy….In fact our motto is that if they come home clean they haven’t had enough fun!

Messy play: in particular playing with Mud offers your child a rich learning experience. In our Mud Kitchens they can access water to add to their mud mixes, add in a wide range of ingrediants from the garden and tip, pour, squelch their concoctions into a meal for a friend or squish into shape a character or model. The sensory experience of playing with mud is tactile, prompting excellent opportunities for physical development, the consistencies created offer a wealth of problem solving dilemmas and working alongside or with a friend prompt the most amazing conversations and communication development.

You child is actively learning about the world around them and Shurdington Pre-School offers unrivaled opportunities for children to have a wide range of rich learning opportunities that allow them to play, explore and think critically about the world around them in the key learning stage of the Early Years.

Mud Kitchen at Shurdington Preschool Cheltenham

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