One of our parents: Nessie, Percy’s mummy decided that as the children in Shurdington live on one of  Cheltenham’s busiest roads: the A46, it was essential that they havbe a good understanding of Road Safety and how to keep themselves safe when out and about.

To compliment the other Road Safety activities we do at Shurdington Pre-School, Nessie suggested that we purchase traffic lights and road signs for the children to use with their ride on toys in the garden. These resources cost about £90 and Nessie went around Shurdington  to the villagers and local businesses such as the post office, The Cheeserollers and the garages drumming up support. In total we raised £91.50 and the children will have these road safety toys ready for when they come back in November! Thank you Nessie, Percy and everyone that contributed!!The Community spirit is truly alive and well in Shurdington!!

Why not try out some of these Road Safety activities with your child??

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