This year is getting off to a good start and we have introduced the children to our new theme: Food, Glorious Food and our new story The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Activities planned include lots of food tasting, cooking, cutting, growing and exploring. We will be creating role play areas linked to food: a farm shop, a cafe and a bakery. We will be educating the children with regard to healthy choices and the importance of a balanced diet, using the universal traffic light system. Activities will also link to the life cycle of the butterfly with lots of dance, acting and discussion of growth over time.


Why not check out Eric Carle, the author of the Very Hungry Caterpillar reading this story on youtube??

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Within this theme we would also like to involve you….. do you have a favourite family or national dish that you could prepare (perhaps with the children) for us to try? We’d love for you to share it with us? Perhaps on your next parent rota? Have a chat with Naomi or Morven about what we could arrange.


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